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Will Your Swimming Pool Ruin Your Grass? Cumming, GA
Backyard Swimming Pool Cumming GA

A swimming pool in your backyard can provide hours of enjoyment for your family. However, many pool owners are concerned about the effects of chlorinated water on their surrounding landscape. After all, kids frequently splash water outside the pool and onto your grass and sometimes it is necessary to drain the pool to undergo repairs. Does chlorine affect the health of your turf?

The concern of pool water on your landscape is a valid one. Chlorine is a strong chemical that could disrupt the soil’s healthy chemical balance. Pool water also contains antimicrobials that have a rather high pH level. If your pool water regularly soaks your grass, can this acidic environment prevent optimal plant growth?

Small Amounts are Safe

Here’s the good news. Reports suggest that chlorine has no known damaging effects on grass in small amounts. Most soils are able to handle chlorine at high acid levels when it is not a large volume at one time. However, flooding your grass is cause for concern.

If you must drain or discharge the pool water into your yard, there are some things you need to do to save your grass. The excessive amount of water can easily drown your grass growth and even lead to mosquito problems and other issues. If drainage is necessary, try to do it in intervals over the course of several days. In addition, it is wise to first neutralize the pH of your pool water before you drain by not adding chlorine and other chemicals for several days. This can eliminate the risk of highly acidic water destroying your plants and landscaping.

At Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, we work with all types of yards, including those that have swimming pools. We can ensure your landscape is a healthy and attractive compliment to your outdoor oasis.

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Would give 10 stars if I could. Pannone Landscaping exceeded our expectations and was such a pleasure to work with! Brad set reasonable expectations for the timing of the work (leveling, drainage system, fire pit, and sodding), and was the best priced quote with quality material and labor. We cannot speak highly enough of Brad and his crew, from their professionalism to expert advice to skilled work! Our yard went from ugly mud pit to lush golf course. Looking forward to working with Pannone and his team again!

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We had the best experience working with Pannone's Lawn Pros & Landscaping! Brad guided us on every aspect of our exterior renovation from hardscapes to the annual color. He worked to find exactly what we were looking for even when items were difficult to find. We greatly appreciate his responsiveness, honest guidance and professionalism throughout the entire project. Thank you Brad!!