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Why Mulch? Cumming, GA

Why Mulch?

a manicured lawn maintained by Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping

Mulch is a welcome addition to all types of landscapes. Depending on your personal style and budget, mulch can take the form of wood chips, pebbles or bark. You’ll find a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. While the aesthetic improvement of freshly laid mulch is certainly a leading benefit, this…

Tips for Shade Tree Planting

a well-maintained garden with a shade tree

As we sit in the middle of a Georgia summer, you may find yourself keenly aware of the lack of shade on your property. This is especially common if you are in a newly built neighborhood where trees are not yet fully mature. Choosing and planting the right shade trees in your yard can make…

Could a Drainage Solution Revive Your Landscape?

a landscaped garden with patio and water features

Georgia is known for summer heat. This can make afternoon thunderstorms a welcome occurrence for those who are trying to survive the hot weather. While the occasional “pop up” summer shower can be an excellent way to cool things off, it can also reveal some telltale signs that you have a drainage problem in your…

How to Control Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard

little girl playing with the dog in the backyard

If you like to spend time outdoors in the spring and summer, you can expect pests and insects. While mosquitoes and gnats are a nuisance, there are other insects that can be dangerous – especially if you have kids and pets. Fleas and ticks can be a real threat to your backyard enjoyment. While there…

Customized Turf Care for Your Georgia Lawn

Lush Lawn Cumming GA

A mower, water and sunlight is all your lawn needs to look healthy, right? Not so fast. Taking care of your lawn should never include a “cookie-cutter” approach. Not only is your lawn unique in size, shape and shade, but there are also several different types of Georgia grasses that each demand tailored maintenance. It…

Choosing Privacy Trees

privacy trees

Do you avoid your outdoor living space because your yard lacks privacy? Regardless of how beautiful your landscape is, you may be reluctant to actually use it if you feel like your activities are on display to nearby neighbors or strangers passing by. It can be especially hard to relax and enjoy your natural surroundings…

Hardscapes Can Make Your Landscape

A landscaped garden with hardscapes and water features.

What makes an ideal landscape? While a nice array lawn, flowers, plants, shrubs and trees can create a beautiful scenery, if you want your landscape to also be functional, you should consider adding hardscapes. There are many ways to incorporate hardscapes and make your outdoor space more livable and enjoyable. Outdoor Home Extension Your home…

Your Options for Blooming Shrubs

Professional Landscape Cumming GA

Owning a landscape in Georgia has a lot of perks, including a diverse menu of blooming shrubs that can thrive in our southern climate. Blooming shrubs not only offer bold beauty and aesthetic appeal to your yard, but they can also work well in many different locations, from full-sun garden beds to shady areas under…

Understanding French Drains

Lawn Sprinklers

Flooding is a major hassle and a costly problem when you own a home or business. While we can’t control the amount of rain that falls on your property, there are ways to control how it drains. Proper drainage can involve a number of tactics to ensure rainwater effectively and efficiently flows away from your…

Do These 4 Spring Lawn Care Tasks Now

Professional Landscape Cumming GA

Spring is just around the corner in Georgia, which means it is time to start thinking about your lawn. Whether you have new visions for your spring landscape or your lawn needs help recovering from the winter, now is the perfect time to take action. Here are four helpful tips to support a vibrant and…

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What our clients say about us

Jeffrey H.

Got sod and dirt. Both delivered on time, reasonably priced, and high quality (only found 2 rocks in 6 cubic yards of dirt and only 1 rectangle of sod out of 5 pallets was mangled). Both drivers friendly and were able to maneuver around my yard to put the stuff where I wanted it. Mostly appreciate that every time I called, someone picked up the phone rather than an answering machine. Would choose again.

Denise D.

We've purchased dark brown mulch from other landscape supply companies in Canton and the mulch always faded within a couple of days but then our landscaper told us to get our mulch from GLM Sod and Landscape supplies, so we decided to try them out and after an entire year, the mulch is still dark and looking great! I'll pay a few dollars extra to have our mulch delivered from Milton from now on - it just makes good sense!

Peter G.

Huge thank you to GLM for great professional products, as well as impeccable service! I will definitely be back to purchase more for future projects!