Understanding French Drains

Monday, March 29, 2021 @ 03:03 PM
posted by Brad Pannone

Lawn Sprinkler and Water Flooding is a major hassle and a costly problem when you own a home or business. While we can’t control the amount of rain that falls on your property, there are ways to control how it drains. Proper drainage can involve a number of tactics to ensure rainwater effectively and efficiently flows away from your home, business or landscape.

One of the most time-tested solutions to solve drainage issues is a French drain. French drains got their name not by its country of origin but by their inventor, Henry French. Henry French created French drains in 1859 to save his farmland that was being ruined by standing water.

How do French Drains Work?

A French drain is designed to prevent flooding and pooling water. These landscape additions can redirect water to a place that can handle the moisture. French drains can be used to distribute water for a septic system as well as relieve ground pressure behind a retaining wall.

The concept is simple. French drains are perforated pipes that are inserted into a strategically dug trench in your yard. Gravel is spread over the top to filter water down, and the pipe will guide the water to a more appropriate outlet. French drains can be shallow or deep depending on the severity and type of your drainage issue. Some may be installed around the entire perimeter of your home to protect your basement or bottom floor.

When is a French Drain Needed?

A lawn care expert can determine whether or not your yard could benefit from a French drain. In general, French drains make an affordable and excellent solution for the following:

  • Spongy lawn after rain
  • Permanent damp spot
  • Wet basement or garage after a heavy rain
  • Washed-out driveway
  • Mold or mildew problem in the lower levels of your home

We know that drainage issues can be very costly. When water seeps into unwanted places, it can damage plants, flowers, grass and structural components of your home. A French drain or other drainage solution can be an easy way to save your property. If you dread seeing rain in the forecast due to a frequently flooded yard or basement, call Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping today to learn about our French drain installation.

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