Reasons to Consider Emergency Tree Removal

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 @ 04:01 PM
posted by Brad Pannone

At their healthiest, trees can provide shade, beauty and extra wildlife on your property. Unfortunately, when trees are compromised in health, they can be a real danger to your family and your home. It is important to know how to recognize when a tree needs emergency tree removal.

Knowing When a Tree Needs to Go

It is not always easy to detect a tree that needs to be removed on your property. However, here are some basic warning signs that can let you know a tree is at risk for falling and injuring something or someone below.

Is Your Tree Diseased?
A tree can look perfectly healthy on the outside but still be sick or diseased. When it comes to disease, you may have to dig deeper to find out. Take note of cavities or small holes in the trunk, deep cracks, missing bark and dead branches, as these are top warning signs of a diseased tree.

Was Your Tree the Victim of a Severe Storm?
Examine your trees after a hard rain and high winds. If you see a tree that is leaning, fallen or has broken branches, you may need to consider emergency tree removal or a tree inspection to determine whether or not the tree is still stable. If not, the next storm could result in a serious injury.

Does Your Tree Have a Weakened Base?
The base of the tree is its root system. Without a strong root system, your tree is not stable and at risk for falling. Look for exposed roots. Do they appear weakened, rotten or diseased? If erosion has exposed a significant portion of the trees root system, it is best to have it inspected.

Call a Trusted Tree Removal Company in Cumming

When it comes to inspecting or removing a tree of concern, do it sooner rather than later. Every day or week that you delay this service is putting your family and home in the line of danger. Keep in mind that when a tree falls on your neighbor’s property, you are liable for the damages. If you are not sure whether a tree needs emergency tree removal on your Cumming property, call Pannone’s Lawn Pros and Landscaping for help. We offer affordable rates and prompt service.

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