Are Rabbits Eating Your Spring Flowers?

Thursday, May 24, 2018 @ 01:05 PM
posted by Brad Pannone

Cumming GA Landscapers That Plant FlowersIt is all too common to hear frustrated homeowners who have spent a notable amount of time, energy and money into planting spring flowers – only to find them half-eaten by sneaky rabbits just a few days later. At Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, we are happy to help you avoid this devastating landscaping event. There are ways to protect your spring flowers and discourage hungry rabbits from ruining your landscaping efforts.

If you’ve been unwillingly providing flower snacks for nearby rabbits, here are some effective strategies to consider:

Fence Your Flowers – Often, the best defense is a chicken-wire fence that measures 2-3 feet in height. You’ll want to bury the fence into the soil so that rabbits can’t sneak underneath.

Spray Your Flowers– There are a number of repellents that you can apply on your flowers to deter hungry rabbits, including blood meal, fox urine, hot pepper spray and more. The downside is that you’ll need to reapply frequently for optimal effectiveness.

Cover Early Flowers– Since rabbits prefer the tender growth of freshly planted flowers, it can helpful to place a row cover over your spring flower bed for the first few weeks. Once you remove it, you can try a repellant spray so that the rabbits continue to stay away from your landscape.

Plant Flowers That Rabbits Don’t Like– There are some flower varieties that rabbits just don’t like to eat. Save yourself the worry and hassle and consider planting the following “rabbit-proof” flowers:

  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Ageratum
  • Lantana
  • Cleome
  • Pot Marigold
  • Geraniums
  • Wax Begonia
  • Strawflower

Whether it is rabbits, deer, bugs or weeds, most homeowners have to battle some type of threat to their landscape. However, by hiring the experts at Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, we can help you achieve a vibrant and healthy landscape despite these dangers. If you are afraid rabbits will sabotage your spring flowers, let us help!

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