Lawn Irrigation: Are You Guilty of These 4 Mistakes?

Thursday, August 6, 2020 @ 02:08 PM
posted by Brad Pannone

It is no surprise that irrigation is critical to a healthy lawn. However, there are some right and wrong ways to water your landscape. In fact, bad watering habits can do more harm than good. Improper irrigation can quickly sabotage the health and appearance of your grass, plants and flowers.

When it comes to your yard irrigation requirements, the type of grass, soil and weather conditions you have are important factors. Working with a lawn care professional can help you determine the best practices for your specific landscape and location. Overall, however, there are some “bad watering habits” to avoid. To keep your lawn vibrant and healthy this summer, stay away from the following irrigation mistakes:

#1 Over-watering
Your landscape needs water – but more isn’t always better. Excessive irrigation leads to shallow root systems and an increased risk for heat stress. A soggy lawn also encourages fungus and other diseases that can be very harmful to your grass and plants.

#2 Under-watering
Giving your lawn too little water can be just as detrimental as over-watering. Not watering enough or relying too much on natural rainfall for irrigation during the summer can weaken your lawn’s resistance to drought, which can be difficult to restore.

#3 Watering Equally
Your landscape likely consists of a mixture of grass, garden plants, flowers and shrubs. It is important to note that these varieties can all have different size root systems and varying irrigation needs. Therefore, a major irrigation mistake is watering your entire landscape equally instead of strategically hydrating each plant variety according to their unique needs.

#4 Watering at the Wrong Time
While it may seem obvious, watering your lawn during or right after a rainfall is not a good idea. A good amount of precipitation can keep your grass hydrated for 2-3 days in many cases. It is also important that you don’t turn on your irrigation system at the wrong time of day. There are certain hours of the day that are better than others when it comes to Georgia summers. In general, early morning is ideal because there is less wind and sunlight to evaporate your watering efforts. The evening conditions may seem favorable, but your lawn can stay saturated overnight, which invites fungus.

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