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Landscape Additions to Attract Birds to Your Yard Cumming, GA
female starling drinking from a garden bird bath

If you’re a nature lover, there’s little as joyous as watching birds flit about your garden, hearing their cheerful chirrups, or catching a glimpse of a vibrant wing amidst your greenery.

At Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, we believe that the right landscape elements can transform your yard into a haven for these delightful creatures. In this blog, we’ll guide you through several landscape additions to make your yard irresistible to birds.

1. Native Plants and Trees

  • Shrubs and Trees: Opt for native shrubs and trees that provide shelter, nesting spots, and food sources for birds. Examples include dogwood, serviceberry, and cedar.
  • Berries: Birds like robins, waxwings, and bluebirds love berries. Planting native berry-producing shrubs like holly or elderberry can lure them into your yard.

2. Flower Gardens

  • Sunflowers: Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, sunflowers’ seeds are a favorite for many birds, particularly finches.
  • Coneflowers (Echinacea): Their seeds are a delicacy for birds like sparrows and goldfinches.
  • Black-Eyed Susans: Similar to coneflowers, their seeds are enticing to many birds.

3. Hardscape Additions

  • Birdhouses: Installing birdhouses can provide nesting spots for various bird species, depending on the size and design of the house.
  • Bird Baths: A bird bath serves as an oasis for birds to drink and bathe. Place them in safe spots with some shrubs or trees nearby, offering the birds an escape route from potential predators.

4. Water Features

  • Ponds: A small pond, especially with a gentle waterfall, can be a magnet for birds. They’re attracted to the sound of flowing water.
  • Streams: Artificial streams can serve as both a water source and a delightful bathing spot for birds.
  • Dripping Water: Consider adding a simple dripping water feature or a mister to your yard. The sound and sight of dripping water can attract various bird species.

5. Seed and Nectar Sources

  • Feeders: Installing bird feeders and filling them with seeds can attract species like cardinals, sparrows, and chickadees.
  • Hummingbird Feeders: Filled with sugary nectar, these feeders can lure hummingbirds. Pair them with hummingbird-attracting plants like salvia, bee balm, and trumpet vine.

6. Natural Ground Cover

  • Leaf Litter: A layer of fallen leaves can attract ground-feeding birds such as sparrows and thrushes, as they search for insects among the leaves.
  • Native Grasses: Letting certain areas of your yard grow with native grasses can offer both shelter and seeds for birds.

Let Our Cumming Lawn Experts Help

Ready to invite nature’s melody into your backyard? Crafting a bird-friendly landscape not only provides a sanctuary for these creatures but also creates a lively, harmonious environment for you to enjoy. The song and sight of birds can be therapeutic, making your outdoor space a true haven. If you’re in the area and wish to make your landscape a bird’s paradise, Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping is ready to assist. With our expertise and your vision, we can co-create a yard that’s not only beautiful but also teeming with nature’s melodies.

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Would give 10 stars if I could. Pannone Landscaping exceeded our expectations and was such a pleasure to work with! Brad set reasonable expectations for the timing of the work (leveling, drainage system, fire pit, and sodding), and was the best priced quote with quality material and labor. We cannot speak highly enough of Brad and his crew, from their professionalism to expert advice to skilled work! Our yard went from ugly mud pit to lush golf course. Looking forward to working with Pannone and his team again!

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