Is Naturescaping Right for You?

Wednesday, April 8, 2020 @ 03:04 PM
posted by Brad Pannone

Are you looking for a landscape design that involves less maintenance while also promoting a healthier ecosystem? You may want to consider “naturescaping.” Naturescaping is the idea of designing and implementing a landscape that is nature-friendly. In other words, you may have to let go of what a landscape “should” be in terms of certain industrial plants and turf grass, but you’ll use native plants to create a landscape that is attractive, functional and also beneficial to wildlife, insects and pollinators.

Benefits of Naturescaping

A leading advantage of naturescaping is the reduced amount of negative impact on the environment. By not having a traditional turf and instead having plants that are native to your local ecosystem, you can enjoy less overall maintenance as well as avoid the fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides that most grasses require. In addition, you can help conserve water and prevent erosion on your property by naturescaping.

Ideally, naturescaping allows native plants to provide an ecosystem including water, food and shelter for native birds, insects and other kinds of wildlife. With this type of landscape design, you can enjoy a variety of different flowers and greenery that are customized to your personal style and preferences.

How a Landscaping Expert Can Help

Naturescaping does not mean that you let nature take over and allow your plants and trees to be overgrown. Naturescaping still involves a level of maintenance and strategic design, especially in terms of choosing your native plants. Using plants that are native to your area is the heart of naturescaping, as it involves less maintenance and encourages biodiversity. A landscaping expert can help you determine which native plants will thrive best on your property, which may include Azaleas, Butterly Bushes, Oakleaf Hydrangeas or other preferred options when naturescaping in Georgia.

Ready to convert your landscape into a “naturescape”? At Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, we work hard to help you reach your goals for your outdoor space. If that involves naturescaping, we are happy to help. When adopting a naturescaping approach, you may need to remove areas of turf, choose appropriate native plants and change your maintenance tactics. Call today to get started with an expert!

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