Is It Time to Aerate Your Lawn?

Monday, September 23, 2019 @ 03:09 PM
posted by Brad Pannone

Lawn and Grass Cumming, GAA healthy and attractive lawn requires a number of different services and treatments throughout the year. The timing of these lawn maintenance services can be very important. For example, spring is typically the best time to fertilize your grass while late summer can be an optimal time to lay sod. When it comes to the fall season, however, lawn aeration is an excellent choice. Lawn aeration can breathe new life into soil and grass that has been compacted from previous months.

What Does Lawn Aeration Involve?

Lawn core aeration is a straightforward process that uses a special machine or tool to remove plugs of soil (about an inch in diameter and 1-3 inches long) throughout your lawn. While the aftermath may look messy, lawn aeration can bring significant benefits towards the health and future aesthetics of your grass. The displaced soil from lawn core aeration will soon break down with irrigation, rain and mowing and form a topdressing of fresh nutrients for your lawn. The manmade holes that were created in your lawn allows sun, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and foster new growth.

Does Everyone Need Lawn Aeration?

Determining whether your grass needs aeration can be a matter of evaluation two basic components of your lawn: compaction and thatch. Thatch is a thick, woven layer of mostly dead turf grass tissue that develops between the living grass blades and soil. Compaction is created deeper within the soil. Soil can become compacted due heavy traffic on your grass. Unfortunately, both thatch and compaction can suffocate your lawn and warrant your need for lawn aeration. Other factors that can influence your need for lawn aeration is your climate and type of soil.

At Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, we can evaluate your lawn and determine whether lawn aeration is best. There are numerous benefits to be gained from hiring a professional to aerate your lawn, and we are happy to discuss the return on investment that you can personally expect when scheduling this easy lawn maintenance service.

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