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Caring for Tree Saplings Cumming, GA
A mother and her little daughter watering a tree sapling in their backyard.

We all know that babies need a different level of attention and care compared to adults. Tree saplings, or baby trees, are no different. In other words, you can’t treat saplings in your yard like you do your mature trees, especially if you want to set the foundation for a healthy lifespan and maximize the tree’s potential.

There are a few key factors that you need to remember when caring for a tree sapling and helping it grow:

#1 Watering
Regular hydration is an essential component of your sapling’s success. When it comes to watering, however, you’ll want to specifically watch out for droughts, frequently check the moisture of the soil and use a deep watering method to encourage deeper, stronger roots to grow best. Your lawn irrigation system will not be enough for young trees. You’ll need to give them a direct water source to the base of the tree instead. Many find that a layer of mulch can also help to preserve moisture while young trees are doing their most growing.
#2 Weeding
It is important to pay careful attention to any weeds that may be erupting near your saplings, as these can quickly attract disease and bugs as well as steal the nutrients your baby trees need for survival. To keeps weeds at bay, you can rip them out directly, smother them with mulch or spray the area with chemical weed killers.
#3 Protecting
Just like your own baby, your sapling needs extra protection until they are strong enough to withstand trauma or severe conditions. Protecting young trees should involve the following:

  • Keeping them away from lawn equipment
  • Shielding them from harmful chemicals
  • Using mulch
  • Pruning early and often

At Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, we want to see young trees grow to thrive in their old age. Our lawn care experts in Cumming are happy to help you provide the nourishment and care your saplings need grow best.

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Jeffrey H.

Got sod and dirt. Both delivered on time, reasonably priced, and high quality (only found 2 rocks in 6 cubic yards of dirt and only 1 rectangle of sod out of 5 pallets was mangled). Both drivers friendly and were able to maneuver around my yard to put the stuff where I wanted it. Mostly appreciate that every time I called, someone picked up the phone rather than an answering machine. Would choose again.

Denise D.

We've purchased dark brown mulch from other landscape supply companies in Canton and the mulch always faded within a couple of days but then our landscaper told us to get our mulch from GLM Sod and Landscape supplies, so we decided to try them out and after an entire year, the mulch is still dark and looking great! I'll pay a few dollars extra to have our mulch delivered from Milton from now on - it just makes good sense!

Peter G.

Huge thank you to GLM for great professional products, as well as impeccable service! I will definitely be back to purchase more for future projects!