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Tuesday, April 8, 2014 @ 03:04 PM
posted by Brad Pannone

It’s that time of year again. Time to consider how you will fill your Spring flowerbed. Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping is an excellent choice for as much help as you need when it comes to seasonal planting. Some homeowners want to pick out all of the specific flowers and simply have a landscaping company do the planting. While other customers prefer to have a lawn pro handle it all, from design to planting and maintenance. Regardless of what works for you, here are some helpful categories to be aware of when it comes to planning your Spring flowers this year.

Space: It might seem like a certain plant or flower will fit nicely in your flowerbed when you see it at the local nursery. However, remember that not all flowers grow the same way. Some may need just a few inches of space between planting, while other plants and flowers need more room to expand. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to ask a landscaping professional just how tall each flower or plant will grow. You don’t want your front row of flowers to outgrow your back row in height. Therefore, for proper aesthetics as well as optimal growth, be sure to measure the dimensions of the flowerbed before you start shopping.

Sun: It is very important to be aware of how much sun your flowerbed gets. Full sunlight is characterized as six to eight hours. Partial light is from three to six hours and shade is three or less hours of sunlight. Keep a close watch on your flowerbed throughout the day before you buy your flowers.

Texture: In landscape design terminology, plant “texture” is the perceived surface quality of a plant compared to its surrounding plants. Therefore, we are not necessarily talking “feel” here, but rather size and shape. You will want to find an eye-catching combination of foliage for your bed, which is typically referred to as coarse, medium or fine. Contrast is usually best.

Color: Options are limitless when it comes to color in your flowerbed. A color-scheme is typically based on personal preference or an effort to match other colors in your landscape. Contrasting colors, as with texture, can really highlight your flowers of choice, making them a more vibrant sight from curbside onlookers.

Whether you decide to hire a lawn pro expert or do it yourself, these guideline categories will give you a great start to capturing your ideal flower bed for this Spring. Be sure not to ignore things like the presence of rabbits or deer.

Has your property had a problem with critters in the past? If so, are your plants high on their list of tasty favorites? A landscaping expert can tell you the most rabbit or deer resistant plants for springtime planting. Happy Spring and happy planting!

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