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Let Your Backyard Entertain Your Kids Cumming, GA

Let Your Backyard Entertain Your Kids

Back Yard Cumming GA

So far, in 2020, life has handed us some extra time at home with our families. Without our normal routines and busy schedules, it is not uncommon for kids to get restless and bored more frequently. Instead of resorting to hours of screen time, here are some creative ways that children of all ages can…

Why a Professional Yard Cleanup Is Worth Your Investment

House Gutter Clogged with Fallen Leaves Cumming GA

Unless you love working in the yard and you have the extra time on your hands, landscape maintenance is often a burden or chore. Your landscape demands more than just a routine mowing. There is raking leaves, fertilizer, irrigation, weed control, pruning and many other jobs to tackle throughout the year. It is not uncommon…

Yard Cleanup After Storms

yard clean up

Many Georgians are facing the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. While most of our state was spared the extensive house damage and flooding, many homeowners experienced the effects of the high winds in their yard. Your landscape may be covered with broken tree limbs, fallen trees and scattered debris. While you may be anxious to clean…

Does Your Yard Need an Extra Hand?

yard clean up

When choosing Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping, you don’t have to sign up for regular maintenance services to enlist our help. We offer our expertise on a “one time basis” if you’d rather. Many homeowners choose this option when there is a change of seasons, such as when your dull winter lawn needs to get…

Ready To Add Color To Your Winter Landscape?

landscaped front yard

Winters can be a dull and dreary time of year, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for dismal landscape. While we can’t stop the trees from shedding their leaves or the perennials from dying back, but there are still ways to add color to you landscape in the winter. Consider using bright seasonal…

Is Your Yard Safe For Halloween?

Happy Halloween Sign with Pumpkins on It

In the excitement of buying candy and getting your kids dressed up in costumes, you may not think about making sure your yard is safe for approaching trick-or-treaters. However, there are a few simple tips that can ensure that both trespassers and your landscape are protected on Halloween night. #1 Illuminate Your Surroundings. Use lanterns,…

Do You Have a Dead Tree On Your Property?

backyard with seasonal plants

Trees, if they are healthy, can provide significant beauty and much needed shade to your landscape. However, dead trees can pose many dangers to your family, property or neighbors if not taken care of promptly with a yard cleanup service. As a homeowner, or business owner, it is essential that you learn the ways to…

Clean Up Your Yard

Professional Landscape Cumming GA

Has your backyard become overgrown or out of control during the summer months? Not only will your neighbors welcome a yard clean up, but you can also start taking advantage of a more functional yard after a little lawn maintenance and pruning. Pannone’s Lawn Pros & Landscaping is a full service landscaping company that can…

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What our clients say about us

Jeffrey H.

Got sod and dirt. Both delivered on time, reasonably priced, and high quality (only found 2 rocks in 6 cubic yards of dirt and only 1 rectangle of sod out of 5 pallets was mangled). Both drivers friendly and were able to maneuver around my yard to put the stuff where I wanted it. Mostly appreciate that every time I called, someone picked up the phone rather than an answering machine. Would choose again.

Denise D.

We've purchased dark brown mulch from other landscape supply companies in Canton and the mulch always faded within a couple of days but then our landscaper told us to get our mulch from GLM Sod and Landscape supplies, so we decided to try them out and after an entire year, the mulch is still dark and looking great! I'll pay a few dollars extra to have our mulch delivered from Milton from now on - it just makes good sense!

Peter G.

Huge thank you to GLM for great professional products, as well as impeccable service! I will definitely be back to purchase more for future projects!